Monday, November 23, 2015

The Five-Minute Trick to Quickly Boost Your Linkedin Connections!

Linkedin is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for recruiters and startups to find and hire talent. Building your Linkedin connections is the fastest way to enhance the power and reach of your personal brand and get as close to high profile firms and recruiters as possible.  So, wouldn't it be great it there was a real quick way to build new connections and make your profile as attractive as possible to new recruiters?
Through this article, I want to share with you some simple yet powerful  tricks I use daily to enhance the Linkedin profile of my own clients. If done correctly, they shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes of your time. 

 1. Shorten your Linkedin url and publicise it via email

 Did you know that you can customise your alpha-numeric Linkedin url to resemble your own name? I got mine changed to to reflect my name. Cool isn't it? Now I'll show you how you 
Using this link you too can do something similar in one easy step. Go to the 'Your public profile URL'  section on the extreme right, beside your name. Click on the pencil tab and enter your name in the box and see if it is available. If not, enter a combination that can easily be remembered. VoilĂ ! you have a cool new Linkedin url. Test it to see if it works!
Now, to the best part.  How can you make the new link  work for you if you want to build your connections? Here's the trick. All you have to do is add the Linkedin url to your Gmail signature and your new Linkedin url will be seen by all your future email recipients. Here's the link to get this done in one step. 
This link will take you directly to your Gmail settings so that you can add your newly shortened vanity Linkedin url to your gmail signature. Scroll down to find the white Gmail signature box and add your vanity Linkedin url. Make sure to test the link before you hit save.
Now, your Linkedin url will automatically become visible to all the future recipients of your personal email id. I have personally got invites from hundreds of new connections using this one trick. 

2. Create a relevant professional headline

Did you know that Linkedin allows you 160 characters, which is 20 more than Twitter allows in order to create a professional headline? So, why just limit yourself to your company designation? Be creative and add more. Make it relevant to the job skills that are currently in demand. Include your specialisations. If not, search your connections, co-workers etc or do a Google search for Linkedin professional headline and write something that enhances your profile.
Go to this link to quickly make the necessary connections. Scroll over to your professional headline which is right below your name and make the necessary changes!
Remember, it is good to be ambitious but please be honest as well. You don't want to do anything that makes you seem like a phony. 

3. Upload pictures and showcase evidence of your career accomplishments

The upload feature is one of the latest additions to Linkedin. Won an employee award?- upload photo Did your boss/ client/co-workers appreciate your work? If it is acknowledged in writing, upload the document. If not, politely request him or her to give you a Linkedin recommendation. So now, you can talk about your accomplishments with proof which adds credibility to your profile and makes it easier for influential people to include you as part of their network. 
You will find the add media link below your summary with an option to add a document, video, photo, link or a presentation. 
Using these three tricks should quickly help you to enhance your Linkedin profile and build your connections with credibility. 

Chetan Pinto is an Executive Resume Writer and has written resumes and Linkedin profiles for a growing list of C-Suite and executive-level clients in the US/UK, Australia and New Zealand. He also partners with HR firms and companies to offer these services in bulk to their clients and employees.