Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Restaurants, Increase Orders Quickly With This Free Online Ordering App

   Gloriafood offer a free online ordering system for restaurants, unlike competitors like Foodpanda which charge a commission on every single order they bring to you. Gloriafood founder Oliver Auerbach strongly believes that food lovers should have an amazing ordering experience be it food delivery or pickup and it should be possible without ripping off restaurants by charging high-commission payments on every order.

How Does Gloriafood Work?

Not all restaurants have an online ordering option, which means they can lose potential sales. Also, many of those who have built their own online ordering service don’t necessarily have an online payments processing setup which can be pretty expensive even for fancy restaurants. Basically, restaurants don’t have much choice when looking to set up a seamless online ordering system. They either go with one of the big portals, which charge between ten-to-18 percent commission on every order, or they go to a web agency to build a custom module, which turns out to be quite expensive as well.

GloriaFood is creating a free online ordering service where customers can order via a widget that is installed on the restaurant’s website or its Facebook page. Then, the restaurant owner receives the order on his smartphone or tablet, being notified by a unique sound alert. This way,  any smartphone now turns into an order-receiving machine. Gloriafood’s freemium business model allows its users to offer these solutions for FREE with the belief that once restaurants benefit from the increased business, they will be willing to try out the premium offers as well.

How Do Restaurants Signup?

It’s very easy to do business with GloriaFood. There are no binding contracts and no setup fees. Restaurant owners can install the widget and app themselves through an extremely easy-to-use interface. All they need to benefit from Gloriafood’s free online ordering setup is a dedicated facebook page and/or a website. Then they login to Gloriafood’s admin panel and the easy setup instructions will guide the person through the setup process. 

Watch Gloriafood’s Website Ordering App in Action

Watch Gloriafood’s  Facebook Ordering App in Action

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