Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Letter to the FTC. David and Goliath can co-exist peacefully!

 To: antitrust@ftc.gov 

Sub: Protesting against Google's monopolistic act of blocking Scroogle

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

                          A wonderful and secure search engine Scroogle, that was relying on Google to display results is being unfairly blocked. Read my previous post - Scroogle is being blocked by Google. If Google did have problems with Scroogle, it should not have allowed the latter to exist in the first place, for seven years! Google has now suddenly blocked Scroogle without an explanation.  Is it not Google being self-serving and evil? 

I'd kindly urge you to look into the matter and demand an explanation. Atleast, ask Google to explain and/or clarify the situation on the Official Google Blog.

I would like to formally register my protest of Google's monopolistic actions against the little Scroogle. I believe David and Goliath can co-exist peacefully together!

Thanks for your time.


Chetan Pinto.

Please send a copy of this letter to the FTC at-  antitrust@ftc.gov, if you too feel strongly about it.

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These links explain why Scroogle is really technical difficulties.

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